By the films of Bruce Lee the nunchaku as a weapon became popular. As result the nunchaku came in the street scene. This led to undesirable situations. In 1974, the Dutch Budo Bond was asked for an opinion by justice. They gave the following opinion: “with a nunchaku it is not or hardly to do sport or competition.”. Result: justice prohibited the nunchaku in the Netherlands.

Milco Lambrecht a Dutch guy from Amstelveen founded in 1984 the Dutch martial art Nunchaku-do. This year, the first open Dutch Championships nunchaku free style took place in collaboration with the martial arts journal Zendokan.
The first official safety nunchaku is launched in 1985. After testing by the judicial laboratory in 1986 the official safety nunchaku was approved for sport in the Netherlands.

This allowed that the first unofficial Dutch Championships Nunchaku-do with the safety nunchaku were held that same year.
The Dutch Nunchaku Foundation (SNN) is founded on April 14 1987. The first 22 official teachers Nunchaku-do passed their exams this year.
The SNN gets, via the Federation Oriental martial arts (FOG), affiliation with the NOC * NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee).

Because the sport Nunchaku-do crosses the Dutch borders, the World Nunchaku Association (WNA) was established on March 14th 1996.


Here you find the techniques by sub group

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