Regulations are necessary to make everyone thinks the same thinking about how something should or shouldn’t be. This prevents problems and make everything clear. The kumite rulebook specifies what is and what is not permitted during the kumite. What is not permitted will be penalized.

For kata and free style contests is in the kata and free style rulebook says what the jury looks after for the Wedstrijdkata and the kata Shodan. It also contains all the parts of which a good free style exercise is made. The jury must is keen on the rules and they  judge on the rules.
The exam rulebook is designed to clear for every nunchakuka the requirements which a participant in black belt exams need to attend to. This rulebook is very important during your preparation for a black belt exam. It is a pity if, after years of training, an exam fails because you do not know the rules.

The board hopes not to use the disciplinary rulebook. Unfortunately it is necessary to have disciplinary rules in those few cases where it is needed. This indicates what the rules are and makes sure that all disciplinary matters be treated the same way.

Good knowledge of regulations always works in favor of the nunchakuka.