Februari 25th the first edition of the USC CUP was a fact. Initiator of this tournament is Hannah Jalink. After doing the teacher-A course she started her own club at Universum Sports Center in Amsterdam.

B-klasse freestyle was a good initiative
There were a lot of new compatitors like Steven Nijman (USC), Kamiel (Budo Ryu Zitterd), Jesse Hendrix and Sandro Busurashvili (Heiloo) who showed that freestyle is for everyone! Adam Reed took the junior USC freestyle Cup and Marijn Wielenga the USC cup freestyle seniors B.

The kumite was a great fight for the trophies.

The final was between Huub Kolkman and Luke Boudewijns. It was even for some time. Huub accelerated and defeated Luke. Huub Kolkman won the Best of the Best! The USC Cup was a good tournament for all. Also the demo of the Dutch nunchaku team was enjoyed by the audience.