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World Nunchaku Association – a brief history

The Bruce Lee films sparked a rise in interest in the nunchaku. This led to an increased use of the weapon on the streets. In 1974, the court requested the Dutch Budo Bond’s stance regarding the legal use of the nunchaku. The Budo Bond commented that “the use of the nunchaku for competitive purposes is extremely limited”, leading to a ban on the use and possession of nunchaku’s in the Netherlands.

In spite of the ban, Milco Lambrecht started teaching the practice of the nunchaku in 1984, in a respectful manner. Within a year the first edition of the open Dutch Championship nunchaku freestyle was held, in collaboration with the martial arts journal Zendokan.
In 1986 the court approved the well-known black and yellow safety nunchaku for use, opening the way for the development of nunchaku-do, and the establishment of the Dutch Nunchaku Foundation (SNN) in 1987. The first 22 official nunchaku instructors graduated that same year.

After acceding to the Federation Oriental Martial Arts (FOG), the SNN became affiliated to the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF). Following rising international interest in Nunchaku-do, the World Nunchaku Association (WNA) was established on March 14th, 1996.


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