Nunchaku Online Tournament 2020

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The ‘1st Nunchaku Online Tournament 2020’ is a fact! Hereby we send you the invitation for entering the before mentioned tournament, which will be a first in nunchaku history. This is about a ‘Kata and Freestyle tournament’ where the participants can enter with their best forms. This must be a form that is recent and that is made specifically for this tournament. So no old videos! All terms and conditions are mentioned elaborately in the regulations enclosed to this invitation. Participating in this tournament is entirely free of charge! However, a valid SNN or WNA passport is mandatory! All forms will be judged by a jury composed of six persons. Since it will take a lot of time to judge all forms, the members of the jury will be given an amount of time to judge the forms in their own time. It will definitely not be easy to judge a form through the PC (or any other device), given the fact that all the members will have entered with their most perfect form. Despite these difficulties, the members of the jury will give their very best to judge these forms. It will be about the details! The ‘wiz kid of the WNA’, Wouter Lugtigheid has created a special portal to enter the tournament and submit the videos. This portal is available in Dutch as well as English. Furthermore, a special tournament committee has set up the rules and regulations (enclosed to this invitation) in cooperation with the SJC. It is important that everybody carefully reads these regulations, because incorrect/incomplete/unclear entries will not be judged. What are the classes which can be participated in? For Kata there are the following divisions: Kyu Grades: - 1st [...]

Registration fee European championship refunded

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The registration fee for those who did already register themselves for our European championship nunchaku-do is refunded. The amount is minus transfer costs. The championship is posponed to April of May 2021. We hope to meet you in 2021. We keep you informed about the new date.

Announcement: European championship canceled

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Due to the worldwide situation in relation to COVID-19, WNA and French organizer Christophe Koza are forced to move the European Championship nunchaku-do from May 9, 2020. We follow the advice of the World Health Organization and the Olympic Commitee. It is likely to be moved to a date after the summer break. Entry fees that have been paid will be refunded to participants. Sportive regards, WNA and Christophe Koza

Advice regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19)

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The WNA follows the advice of the Dutch government, RIVM and NOC * NSF. Meetings with more than 100 people are canceled throughout the Netherlands. This also applies to public locations such as museums, concert halls, theaters, sports clubs and sports competitions. On behalf of the WNA, all gyms are advised to cancel or end all club meetings such as training, consultations, meetings, celebrations and meetings until the end of March in connection with the Corona virus. The situation in the Netherlands is constantly changing and so are the measures that are being taken. We do our utmost to respond as well as possible to the situation. We will try through all channels; Facebook, Instagram and the website to keep everyone informed as much as possible. Regards, WNA board.

Buying nunchakus

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Each nunchakuka knows Topstar Enschede, the Netherlands. The place to buy nunchakus, suits, caps and other articles. It is a pitty to announce this company is no longer in business. The webstore is no longer accessible. The WNA has found a solution for this problem. At the moment we do have two webshops.1 to buy all kind of color nunchakus and the nunchaku book.2 to by suits, belts and caps.